May 6, 2019

6 Days In The 6

I recently spent some time in Toronto, indulging in an obscene amount of coffee, endless amounts of great food, and one eye constantly open for anything Insta-worthy. I thought I’d do a little recap of my time there and give you some ideas of spots to visit on your next trip to the 6.

Regulars Bar

This was my first stop in Toronto, and oh my god was it ever a good way to kick off my trip. Regulars Bar is a great spot for late night eats and drinks, fit with an array of framed photos on a green wall, to the giant glass box of money under a neon sign, Regulars is a great spot with great food. Oh, and get the fries, they’re so good.


Dineen Outpost

Since I was still working on my lil trip, I decided to head to Dineen Outpost to do some work, it also didn’t hurt that the tables were pink and made for a great photo-op. I decided to walk there and back to be able to explore some of the city, and I think that’s a great way to get to know where you are. Despite getting lost once, I made it there and back in one piece.



Okkkkkkkkk – this might be my favourite spot. We went for a late night snack (lol I got Mac n’ Cheese), beers, and good vibes & of course, when you head downstairs to the bathrooms, you get the absolute best photo-op of a rotary phone party line, not to mention, the very Instagrammable bathroom too.

Schmaltz Appetizing

Holy fucking shit. This place has the most insane bagels I’ve ever seen in my life. They are insanely large, stuffed with anything you could imagine, and absolutely delicious. This bagel may have taken me 45 minutes to eat, and was a billion calories, but literally so. fucking. worth. it.

Graffiti Alley

After brunching at Early Bird Coffee + Kitchen and indulging in some pink eggs bennie, take a stroll through graffiti alley for some pics fit for the loud, colourful Instagram queen in you.

Go Hide Seek

We decided to check out this popup filled with 90s nostalgia, and it was such a fun and great Insta-op! Tons of rooms filled with different vibes made for a really fun hour or so, and really livens up the gram, because if you don’t gram it, did it really happen?


Oh – and if you’re looking for some cool new ink, definitely check out Chronic Ink. Such a great vibe with such talented artists…so talented that you end up leaving Toronto with 4 new tattoos…sorry mom and dad.


For more recommendations check out my Instagram or my Toronto vlog on my newly launched Youtube channel!


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