March 28, 2019

April Mood Board & Playlist

I’m super excited its April – I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in Toronto drinking what may be the best vanilla latte ever, while my laptop sits on a pink marble table. Can you ask for anything more insta-perfect?

I’m really excited to be here visiting my friend Madison and exploring the city! As wild as it is, I’ve never actually been to Toronto, so this has been a really exciting experience. Have I mentioned this is only my first full day? I feel like this city has so much to offer, so many amazing little spots, and so much more for me to discover. 

I could really picture a life here, the hustle and bustle, endless spots to discover, and so much more that I won’t be able to experience on this trip. Guess that means I’ve gotta come back – right??

Anyways, enjoy the April Mood Board + the most random snippet of my travel playlist (full one can be found on Spotify).

Click here to download the April desktop and/or phone wallpaper!

Listen with me this month!

Strangers // Halsey

Talk! // The 1975

Snap Out Of It // Arctic Monkeys

New Man // Ed Sheeran

Where Do Broken Hearts Go // One Direction (fuck this is a bop)

Hopeless // Halsey

True // Spandeau Ballet

Falling Down // Duran Duran

For much more of this random ass playlist, check it out on Spotify here. 



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