February 25, 2019

March Mood Board & Playlist

We’re eleven days into March and I am feeling the most bleghhhh I’ve felt so far this year. My motivation is kinda dwindling, but I’m trying to kick myself in the ass a little and get on top of things that I really want to pursue. I asked on Instagram if I should start a Youtube Channel (if you’ve been around for a while you’ll remember when I had three videos and deleted them promptly…lmao) or a Podcast. Youtube seems to have won, but if I counted the number of DM’s I got saying to do both, I feel like it would have been a tie. I plan on spending the month organizing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas for both of these and trying them both. So, if you have any suggestions for video ideas, or podcast topics, toss me a comment, or hmu on Twitter or Instagram!

xo A

Sing along with me this month & hit me with all your favourite music recommendations!

3am // HONNE

Nothing’s Over // Young the Giant

You Got Me // The Roots, Erykah Badu

Brother’s Keeper // Young the Giant

Stranger // MOTHXR

Capsize // FRENSHIP, Emily Warren

Darkest Shade of Blue // Young the Giant

Precious // Depeche Mode

Dark Times // The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran

I Like America & America Likes Me // The 1975

Lost in the Fire // Gesaffelstein, The Weeknd


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