January 2, 2019

Goodbye 2018

I won’t bore you with another long post reminiscing on the past year and sharing unrealistic resolutions for a new year only to kick myself in six months for not achieving what I set out to. To be honest, I’ve never particularly been fond of New Years. There’s so much pressure put on one evening, trying to ring it in right, and it never ends up going the way you planned. You spend half the time sifting through peoples Instagram stories counting down a photo a month from the last year, sipping cheap liquor, waiting for the final countdown to cheer on a new year.

With that being said, I’m not bitter to leave 2018 behind. 2018 brought a lot of positivity and new experiences, among some not so picture perfect moments.

I graduated from my undergraduate degree which was such a big accomplishment, but it brought a lot of reflection. The minute school ended, I had this feeling that my life was finally beginning. It was not how I anticipated though. I assumed that being out of school, I would be going for drinks after work every night, having plans on weekends, and “living my best life” as they say. And I’ll be real, this was not the case. I spent weekdays working, coming home, and not knowing what to do with myself, and spent weekends doing nothing but binging The Office. I spent a lot of April – December navigating this new found freedom and copious amounts of spare time, trying to discover who I was, separate from school. I spent a shit ton of money on alcohol, shoes, and Skip the Dishes, and swiped my way through the last two months of the year on Tinder, Bumble and Hinge.


I travelled to Vancouver for three days to see Harry Styles, live and in concert, and happened to miss out on a majority of Stampede. You could say I considered myself #blessed…can we leave those hashtags in 2018 too?

I partied to Drake’s top hits…a lot, and belted thank u, next as if  an ex just broke my heart. I rediscovered some old tunes and made a blog series of it. I found joy in Seinfeld re-runs, bloopers from The Office, and embarking on watching all eight Harry Potter movies…twice…in the span of one month. I picked up bullet journaling, only to decide I couldn’t commit to having things be that perfect all the time, and went from being a Sephora Beauty Insider to Rouge, which means I spent over $1000 on makeup which is just insane. I tried decluttering my space, only to get even more frustrated with the endless amount of stuff I managed to find. Decided to try and practice mindfulness and quickly opted out, my brain does not work that way. I tried developing my personal style, and tbh I still have no f*cking clue what that is just yet.

But with all of that being said, I bid adieu to 2018, and look to 2019 with a glass held high, cheering on the New Year, because there’s only up from here, right?

Happy New Year friends, put your best foot forward, and make this shit count.

xx A

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