April 8, 2018

The GlassHouse

In partnership with Public Relations, Journalism, and a fellow Information Design student, we were tasked with rebranding The Glass House Fine Art Collective, a mobile glassblowing studio currently located in Calgary, AB.

As a group, we decided on shortening the name to The GlassHouse, and wanted to bring to life a fluid, fun-loving, boldness that founders Mandy and Kai radiate when you speak with them. Through the brainstorming process, we thought of words and ideas which we felt reflected the GHC. Some ideas which kept arising were movement, fire and change.

The boldness of the wordmark represents the strength required to create glass sculptures, as well as reflecting the personalities of Mandy and Kai. The orange colour itself represents the heat and fire required to bend the glass to shape. The curves and shape of the new logo speak to the fact that during glassblowing, glass is in constant motion. The negative space within the shape allows for the wordmark to sit within the icon, but it also implies the breath needed to create glassblowing pieces.

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