April 8, 2018

Hospice Calgary Invitation Suite

As a part of my time with Dote Magazine, we partnered with Hospice Calgary. Hospice created the event “A Beautiful Dinner,” to further support those who are already seeking assistance through Hospice Calgary, beyond the scope of what they can afford on a continual basis.

I was responsible for creating an invitation suite for the dinner and really wanted to emphasize how strong these women are while dealing with loss. I felt that a floral theme for the invitations embodied growth, beauty, and strength, something that these women have so much of.

About Hospice Calgary:

Hospice Calgary is a non-for-profit organization offering highly specialized services at both Sage Centre – Child + Family Grief Services and Rosedale Hospice. Fundraising efforts are essential to its ability to provide support for parents, families, patients, professionals, and volunteers. For more information, visit hospicecalgary.ca

Invitation suite photographed by Deserae Evanson

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