April 8, 2018

Cycling System Map

This system map was created to look at the rate of engagement with the public by different stakeholders during the duration of Calgary’s cycle track pilot project, taking place from April 2014 to the official approval of the project on December 18 2016.

When filtering through the information available from the city, I found endless resources, with multi-page documents that was fairly overwhelming for someone wanting to learn more about the process. I designed this system map with the general public as the user in mind, acting as an informative piece for those looking to raise concerns, engage with, encourage the project, or learn about the process.

The system map was created in a landscape format to show the timeline demonstrated. Colour, shading, and icons were used throughout with a corresponding legend to minimize the amount of overwhelming information for the user.

This system map was shown in conjunction with an infographic to the City of Calgary’s Active Transportation Department, as well as being open to the public in April of 2017.


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